Rachael Frank Graphic Design


Logo Design Process

Step 1: Brainstorm

Getting the right amount of details and having a clear understanding of a client’s problems and goals from the beginning is the most important factor when starting a new logo design. My designs always start off on paper. This allows me to get my brain moving in the right direction and get down as many ideas as possible. I find inspiration and sketch.


Step 2: Digital Stage

After I see some sketches start to come alive and take form, I then take my ideas to the computer. My software of choice is Adobe Illustrator for creating logos. Lines and shapes in Illustrator use vectors that are easily scalable and retain consistent clarity.


Step 3: Client Feedback

Working closely with my clients is not only essential to my business objectives, but without a doubt helps in the process of creating a logo that represents them and their company.

I do my best to touch base with my clients frequently and get their feedback through various stages of the logo design process. This also helps in building their trust, as the gain a better understanding of what their money is being invested into.


Step 4: Color Studies

royalauto-color-studies-c royal-auto-color-studies-broyalauto-color-studies-a-copy 

Once the logo is finalized in black and white, I move to colors. I use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to guarantee an exact match when printing.

Step 5: Final Mark

After the final mark is approved, I supply the client with various files of the logo for their record. We can then talk about a matching stationary system and other marketing materials.


Rachael Frank